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Annie Halliwell  is a British contemporary landscape and seascape artist and has been based since 1995 in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Annie's studio is in the tiny coastal Cathedral city of St Davids.  Surrounded by hills and sea it is a world away from Dartford, the large industrial and commuter town on the outskirts of London where she grew up in the 1960s and 70s. Annie trained with the Norfolk Painting School.


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Annie Halliwell

A Life by the Sea

Biography Gallery 1 Oil Paintings Gallery 2 Oil Sketches Gallery 3 - Still Life

"My main painting medium is oils on board or stretched canvas. I reference everything as it occurs in my everyday life and also draw on my memories of other times spent in places nearby that I have visited again and again.  The biggest influence is the unique environment around me, the rise and fall of the tide, the ancient rocks and the different energies and sensations all about".